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The Sunnah is dead
News reports indicate, it took 5 shots directly to the head
While lying in its bed, suspects all fled
Police have sanctioned off the scene, yellow tape in effect
We prayed Janaza on the Sunnah, as it was killed by many men
Worshipping their desires, we lost the battle from within
Satisfied with just less than, but the lesson was for less men to sin
Cause without knowledge, by Allah, we are the ones who are dead

So I apologize to Imam Bukhari, we will no longer be needing any of your volumes I’m sorry
To Abu Hureria, may Allah be pleased, JazakAllahu kharin but we are at the end of this deen
The greatest scholars have died, and we are all that is left
A generation obsessed with facebook likes and retweets instead
We spent more time arguing on youtube, insulting people’s mothers
Than standing in the night, asking Allah to guide our brothers

Wife beaters wearing wifebeaters underneath white thobes and white sneakers
Where if you talk about racism then everybody gets amnesia
Where everybody is a mufti, but nobody wants to study
And we keep printing dawah pamphlets but our character is so ugly

More religious than the religion, we buy fatwa’s by the dozen
Keyboard warriors want Jihad, but they can’t wake up for fajr
Houston we have a problem, ignorance is the new knowledge
We have abandon the Qur’an so it’s only right the Sunnah was to follow

But honestly, I’m surprised that we even made this far,
But the way things are looking, Ad-Dajjal cannot be very far
So Khalas, Israfel just let it rip
The angel who has been waiting to blow the horn, in anxiety of what it will bring
Let Qiyama just begin,
This dunya was fun while it lasted, but now our real lives must begin
Cause it feels like this place has nothing left
And I don’t wish for death,
But what kind of life is there to live when the Sunnah is Dead

Oh Snap, we’ve really done it now, must as well just go on and hand Iblis the crown
Lead us astray with camel hump lumps and more make-up than clowns
Or dirty movies on your laptop when you think no one is around
The Sunnah never stood a chance against Grand Theft Auto
Boring uncles in the masjid or America’s next top Model
Romance fantasies, anorexic teens and Diana cream
On TV white skin rules everything around me
And our communities are Nafsi Nafsi,
It’s my culture or my country or my Masjid politics is ugly
We can’t even agree on the spotting of a moon,
No wonder our kids are starting to think they might have came from monkeys
And I’m just speaking frankly,
Tell the FBI agents in the room they don’t have to handcuff me
This dunya is a prison house, and she got me locked down like she trying to be my wifey
So please don’t incite me, I feel like that man from Sura Yassin
Running from the farthest part of town begging my people to please
Obey the Messenger, before we are destroyed in degrees
Aad wa Thamud, and the people of Lut
Don’t let Gabriel get on the case, the tip of his wing will destroy everything you ever knew
But none of that will matter, when munkir and nakir enter your tomb
Feels like the angel of death watching, waiting right outside this very room
To rip the soul from my chest, as I take my final breath,
lailahaillallah, but the Sunnah is Dead

Because now they are calling for a new progressive liberal modern Islam
Basically they want to modernize minds, be in line with the times
Of modern minds, who don’t mind being moderately blind
Joining simple minds, talking out their behinds
No lie, basically treating this deen like an open Buffet line

Take only what you want and get fat off deception,
Swiss cheese democracy, how come the devil wins every election?
Molecular seculars getting called out like cellulars
Write the editor, he is a predator who literally wants to shoot the messenger
And kill off this Sunnah once and for all
But you can try and kill the Sunnah, but you can’t kill us all,

So forgive me for what I said, the Sunnah is not dead,
It’s just kind of sleeping, or in a state of comatose instead
Because there will always be, a group from those who believe
Who will clamp on to this Sunnah, with even their molar teeth
Like holding onto burning coal, they will not sell their deen for any wager
And as the Prophet SAW said: “give glad tidings to the strangers”
So long live the Sunnah, and may we always live by its rules
Because those who love the Sunnah, then Allah will love them to