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Anyone can count the seeds in an apple
But only One can count all the apples in a seed
Before the creation of the Heavens and the Universe
There was only One, Allah, Rubbil Alameen

Al Wahid (The One) who made the sun, and planted the stars like trees
Al Ahad (The Unique) the unique One, with no need of slumber or sleep
Al Khaliq (The Creator) created you like kun fiya kun
From the womb to the tomb, Ar-Raqeeb (The Watchful) is always watching you
Al Muwsawwir (The Fashioner of Forms) fashioned they, and gave you all your faculties
And all praise be to AlHameed (The Praised), to He that is perfect and complete
And glory be to Al Majeed (The All Glorious), majestically honorable indeed
And why would He need Money, when He is AlGhani (The Rich)?
Ar-Razzaq (The Provider) fulfils the needs of even the birds and the bees
While Al Wahab (The All-Giver) bestows his bounties out of love and mercy
And you could try and count all His blessings, but He is Al Atheem (The Magnificent)
Cause Al Malik (The King) is the only King with servants He doesn’t need

Al Hayy (The Ever Living) is alive and Al Qayyum (The Everlasting) will never die
Al-Ala (The Most High) beyond the skies, and Al Hakim (The All Wise) the most Wise
No lies, but why would they try to prescribe As Samad (The Self Sufficient) a son
When my Lord has 99 names and Jesus ain’t one

Al Hakam (The Judge) is the judge, As Sayyed (The Master) master above
Waging war against Al Aziz (The Almighty) is like spitting at the sun
Allah is (The Beautiful) Al-Jameel and loves that which is Jamel
And why would you have fear when Al Wali (The Protector) is by your side
The most gentle Ar Rafiq (The Gentle), has the firmness of Al Mateen (The Firm)
Musa spoke to As-Samee (The All Hearing) but couldn’t see Al-Basser (The All Seeing)
Al Awwal (The First) was the first and alAkhir (The Last) is the last
Al Aleem (The All-Knowing) knows the present, and the future and the past
Al Wasi (The All Encompassing) encompasses all and knows what benefits and harms
As-Shaafi (The Healer) heals the sick and Al-Muhsin (The Doer of Good) gives good to all
Al-Mubin (the Manifest Truth) guides to this deen, making the truth clear and clean
Al Mu’min (The Giver of Security) can provide security in ways you’ve never seen
Al Qadeer (The All Able) does what He pleases, and is capable of all things
And He who kneels before Al-Mutakabbir (The Supreme) can stand up to anything

Victory comes from An-Nasser (The Helper), so I Give thanks to Al Shakoor (The Grateful)
Put my trust in al Wakeel (the Dependable) and save my love for al Wadood (The Loving)
Ya Ghafoor (the All Forgiving), Ya Ghafar (the Ever Forgiving) forgive me for you are al-Afu (The Pardoner)
At-Tawwab (The acceptor of Repentance) we turn to you, cause you are al Quddus (the Most Holy)

Ya Salaam (The Source of Peace), It is my dream to see you Ya Kareem (The Bountiful)
Ya Fattah (the Opener), open the highest gates of Jannah for me. Ameen
Al Mujeeb (The Responsive) hears my prayers, even when I can’t find the words to say them
And Al Qawiy (the Strong) gives me strength to live a life of dedication
To al Shaheed (the Witness), being a witness over this entire nation
Al Hafeedth (The Guardian) protect this Ummah from all the fitnah and temptation
Al Qareeb (the One who is Near) is closer to ourselves than our blood in circulation
Al Latif (the Kindest) shows us kindness, but most of mankind is ungrateful
Till Al Haseeb (the Reckoner) takes account, on the day that we’ll be standing naked
Where are their Gods, Al Jabbar (the Irresistible) will ask all of his creation?
For he is Al Qaheer (the Subduer), while the rest are simply imitations
Al Haqq (The Truth) the only truth, on the day our souls will become awakened
So repent before Al Waarith (The Inheritor of All) inherits all you’ve accumulated
Al Halim (the Forbearing) is patient with us although we have disobeyed Him

Good is from At Tayyib (The most Good and Pure) and Al-Muhaymin (The Protector) makes observation
of prostrations to Al Thaheer (The Manifest) manifesting through His creation
Al Akram (The Generous) made us muslims, so let us show appreciation
For He is Al-Jawwaad (The Magnanimous) as revealed in His revelations
For those of contemplation, Al Kabir (the Great) must be the greatest
Cause knowing Al Mannan (the Benevolent), is the only key to our to salvation
The Proof is Ar-Ra’uf (The Clement), but it’s true that their hearts are blinded
And this is just a reminder for those who love to be reminded
Of the most beautiful names and attributes that you will ever see
Like the Mercy of ArRahman (the most Gracious) and the Compassion of ArRaheem (The Most compassionate)