I come from the future the world has yet to see
Where the moment you are living in is ancient history
Where the pages have been written and the story is complete
Where the pen has been lifted and everything has been decreed
Where the prophesies of prophets have prophesized in your pockets
Where the gospels have turned hostile to fossils of apostles
I come from the future where anything is possible
And only the impossible gets classified as plausible
Where living free is not a goal, where liberty is how we roll
Where justice is not just for those who just got dough

Where students of knowledge learn at schools in Harlem
Where we pay the scholars, the same amount you pay doctors
Where slander and gossip and just not options
Where all the masaajid are packed at Fajr
Where you can hear the athan coming from the Eifel tower
Where booty shorts are banned and burka is fashion

I come from the future where kids don’t wanna be like Mike,
They wanna be like Abu Bakr,
Uthman ibn Affan, Ali ibn Abu Talib and Umar
Where being illiterate is unheard of and ignorance is like murder
Where the youth flip pages instead of flipping burgers

I come from the future where it’s a crime to slander a chaste woman
And we don’t chase women, we lower the gazes when they see them coming
Out of respect for her amazingness, her status has been raised in this dunya
A queen in this deen, planting the seeds of this ummah

I come from the future where the Khalifa is the man
Restoring order across the borders, preventing fitnah on the land
Where the people understand and follow everything he says
Even if he was an Abyssinian slave

Zakat keeps the poor paid, as the crime begins to fade
There’s no interest in interest, so debts finally get repaid
The stock market decays, Emphasis is placed on trade
Banks slowly go away; now there’s Baraka in what you save

I come from the future where human lives cannot be replaced
And it is more pleasing to Allah that we call them to this faith
But despite what they say, we will never be ashamed
Because Muhammed is still the world’s most popular name

I come from the future where the dawahs’ been unleashed
And this call has been forwarded live from sea to sea
Where we can still see the lessons in our history
As this tiny seed becomes a tree feeding revolutionaries

Again becoming the Ottomans, we will rise from beneath the dust
And defeat the Scandalous, they couldn’t handle us in Anadalus
Action packed before the movie, Salahuddein Al Ayaubi
Giving this world what it needs, another Haroon Al-Rashid

I come from the future where Palestine is free
And Zionism is equivalent to Nazis in Germany
You never hear about terrorists on the news and movies
Unless you mean those diseased thieves who controlled western democracies

Yes we can, I have a dream, by any means we will achieve
Victory is for he who never plans for defeat
For every man is not a man just because he claims to be
They love to talk like lions, but sacrifice like sheep

You’re invited to this future, where the past has past
And the future is a gift that you must hold and grasp
Where the possibilities are vast, and hope is your only pass
The ability to dream beyond what this world may seem

I come from the future you will not see on TV
This revolution will not be broadcast live in HD
Please believe in this fact, tomorrow is your task
I come from the future but don’t worry, I’ll be back