Your body is a snitch,
Ready to rat you out on account faster than you can twitch
And this jury doesn’t miss
Angles keeping tabs on slabs of every thought you ever had
You’ve been caught on hidden cam,
Man this ain’t no scam, I’d like to call my first witness to the stand
Please raise your right hand, and remember
How many times have you shook hands with the opposite gender
For business or for pleasure, even though you know better
You still found a way to justify such a gesture
Just cause you wanted people to think you were peaceful
You joined them in evil, the outcome was lethal
Better to be struck in the head with an iron needle
Be shy from your Lord, not shy from the people
All men are not equal
Some work as slaves for this world, and some are slaves for the sequel
How will your palms respond when they are questioned about the wrong?
Will every joint make the point that you strayed from the Qu’ran
Or will your arms hang on to everything you were upon
Did you raise them to the sky or raise them to haram

Will the witness please rise?
And describe your surprise when you realized you were being compromised
Forced to standby, as these thighs walked by
And arrived at a sign for the blind and misguided
You could have been standing up strong in salah all night long
Prostrating to your Lord, to thank him for what he’s done
But instead of getting your sujood on, you was getting your groove on
Tunes for you to move to by Dj Shaytaan
Going going gone when you hear that song
You know there’s something wrong when music has replaced your Qu’ran
Making dhikr of who’s sicker and which artist is the bomb
Your Ipod is your God you worship whatever’s on
But I wonder what they`d say, when your ears are told to play
Back every track that you heard on the Judgment day
And they might even complain, Ya Allah, is this why we were made
To embrace the bass of those who’d gone astray?
You listen and obey, everything they have to say
In a way offering praise, every time you press play
But it’s ok cause you know what they say
Music is like candy, throw rappers away
You could put em on replay, but it still can’t compete with
Alhumduillah Rabbil Ala’meen

Objection, did you not take heed of this message
Attention, everything that you see is a blessing
Correction, but it comes with a fee you accept and
Confession, it will speak on the day of resurrection
Yamul Qiyama, Yawm Al Din,
Yawm Al Haqq, this aint no dream
So how will you plead, when the Jury Proceeds?
If these eyes testify, guaranteed they won’t lie
On all they used to spy, when that cutie walked by
Looking hot like July, you just stood there and smiled
Thinking it’s alright if you don’t claim your prize
But still all the while, making Zina with your eyes
Every girl every guy, will be placed into lines
On the day with no shade expect for whom he provides
When all wombs will be dried, and all tombs come alive
And everybody will be sorry cause your body will not lie

Just between you and I
There is nothing in-between the skies that is unknown to the Most High
He knows when you are sleeping; he knows when you’re awake
He knows if you’ve been bad or good so be good just for his sake
For he gave thee all that thy needs,
Bestowed his bounty endlessly
Oh you who believe,
OMG, he’s talking to me
Enter into Islam perfectly
Fear Allah the way that he should be
Feared and don’t speak pointlessly
This piece of meat brings misery
For those who speak so casually
Your tongue is but an enemy
A weaponry of jealousy,
Especially a felony,
Biting backs until they bleed
Void of facts and empathy
Eating your dead brothers meat
Guaranteed your lips will stress
Won’t you let the angels rest?
As they jot down every word
That they heard, verb by verb
Aint you scurred? For that day
When the trumpet blows away
And you`re standing back from clay
Naked, just the way you came
Tell me then what will you say
When the scale begins to weigh
And the Judge calls on your name
Your honour, I rest my case