I begin with the salutations of the angels and past nations
A demonstration of peace negotiations to open the lines of communication
I ain’t looking for donations or trying to start an altercation
Just acting on my obligation as a brother in civilization

Many have submitted applications to the roads of salvation
Marked by lives of frustration, depression and desperation
But based on your fascination with reincarnation and free-masons
I’d like to join the conversation and provide a different interpretation

According to my calculations, there is only one God with no duplication
Any imitation has limitations with insidious implications
And for your information every innovation is a deviation
An illustration of irritation initiation for your inhalation

But what is the correlation between compensation and condemnation
A combination of complications facing your consideration
Cause chasing this dunya is like chasing the constellations
You could have all the money in the world, and still be living on a mental plantation

True liberation is in the prostration to the creator of all creation
Through contemplation and concentration reaching a higher elevation
Even the stars in the sky were divinely designed as a decoration
Only to spark the realization, you don’t know your final destination!

But Behold! The explanation to all your Godly speculations
A continuation of Jesus Christ’s mission live in operation
Following the duration after the pathetic Prophetic Assassination
Please refer to Quranic documentation for further elaboration

Following the chains of narration, we can single out fabrications
In the preservation of the prophet’s communication; may Allah send upon him peace and salutations,
Notwithstanding abrogation’s and the formulation of translations
This deen is the Haqq, Walahi it’s amazing

The concept of the congregation and the unification of one nation
Built upon the foundations of education and information
And of course the authentic application of the best of generations
Like an exclamation, truly this alone should be a cause for celebration

But with no hesitation we are the first in interrogation
Demanding our integration while policing our immigration
Complete generalization based on some rotten vegetation
With no advocation we are all guilty by association

But despite media propagation and radicalization legislations
We are a nation of moderation, gratification and glorification
Browns, Blacks, Caucasians and a whole bunch of different Asians
All making prostration to the One Lord of all creation

This is a lyrical refutation to populations in hibernation
Join me on this path to purification, following in the messengers’ revelation
And pronounce the deceleration; that there is only one God worth invocation
Please accept this invitation, asalaam alikum