It could have been you
All alone wondering what you’re gonna do
Where will you find food?
When you don’t have a penny to your name
When you hurt it’s all the same
Nobody knows your name
You’re just that static we mention during campaigns
The blood in your veins is cheaper than propane
You aren’t even seen as human to be treated inhumane
You are less than minimum wage
At the bottom of the food chain
All the water that you’ve saved,
Isn’t even enough to bathe
You have every right to be afraid
Your see death everyday
And it may be your fate
Before the age of 8

Have you ever seen a child in such dire need
That they can’t even eat, cause it hurts when they breath
Woe be to he, who holds back what he receives
Your money is a trial, so don’t be guilty
Of living filthy, while their living filthy
Learning to sleep with sickness and disease
Before you disagree, see yourself on TV
And wonder who would be there to take care of me
I have basic needs, food, clothes, family
And education I can’t achieve in poverty
Who will be my hero, and add to my zero
I’m starting to lose hope, can you see me in the mirror
Looking back at you, from my point of view
Who’s to the rescue, from a life I didn’t choose
Everything I been through, will it ever improve
If you only knew, it could have been you