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Dear nafs

I am writing you this poem to let you know that I am stuck
Cause after years of dealing with your drama, I have finally had enough
I thought we had a trust, I had your back you had my front
BFF’s until the death, living life with no regrets

The way we used to cruise, the days when it was just me and you
The world in our rear view, we used to be our own crew
It was me, myself and I, best buddies to the end
But now I know an open enemy is better than a false friend

Where do I begin, perhaps your fascination with sins
You’ve been trying to pull me under, but I promise you won’t win
Because I am lacing up my boots, ready to tame this wild beast
I’m waging war against that man in the mirror who keeps looking back at me

Ageeb, did you really think I would let my own desires succeed
Without paying the ultimate price because Wallahi Jannah isn’t free
While Jahanam is surrounded by and ease and hypocrisy
Indeed, they are in degrees lest my struggle ever cease

The scholars say, this world is nothing but a number of days
And whenever a day passes away, a part of you passes away
You were created from clay, not created for mere play,
And you will return back to the dirt the same way that you came

Nafsi Nafsi they will say, while they are running in dismay
For fear of the judgement day, Oh my Poor soul, what excuses will you make?
For the angel of death is on his way, and his list contains your name
So do yourself a favour and don’t be of those who’d gone astray

And please believe me when I say; every righteous person has a past
And every a sinner has a future, so make your best deeds your last
Establish your salaah, you will be raised the way you died
Haya `ala al-falah, because blankets weigh a ton at fajr time

Sincerely worship the Divine for He has sent you many signs
Created you from mates, not from apes so all this monkey business is a crime
He even swore to you by time, that mankind was in a loss
Nafsi Nafsi you are a slave and Al Jabbar He is the boss

So who do you fear, better yet what do you love
The adornments of this world, or the One whom they come from
I’m done with pointless fun, I’m sick of going through that pain
We have this love hate relationship, because you love all things which I hate

Nafsi Nafsi, can you hear me? Why won’t you take heed and remember
You can’t even stand the summer’s heat, how will you ever stand jahanam?
Abandon your secret sins, for there are no secrets from Him
And it’s not the size offence, but it’s the greatness of the One whom you sin against

And I don’t want to sound rude, but everything I’m telling you is true
I only want what’s best for you, come on fool, I love you
You deserve gardens and acres of the most lush and heavenly nature
Don`t put your hoor-al-ayn in Danger, glad tidings to the strangers

Lower your gaze and be amazed how Allah raises you in honour
Every day’s a battle field so treat taqwa like your armour
Be dutiful and beautiful to your mother, and your mother and your mother and your father
And even when it hurts, smile in the faces of your brothers

Give whatever you have, give a date, give even half
Give for the sake of Allah and Allah will give you more than you ever had
This is the real deal Jihad, I`m fighting my nafs until the white flag
Holding myself hostage in tahajjud with no one there to brag

Nafsi Nafsi, can I ask, do your friends encourage you to fast
Or are they simply there for laughs, like the devil on his behalf
So watch who you choose, your companions should be those who adorn
Your circle like roses, but keep an eye out for thorns

For one day they will be gone, and so shall you be the one to mourn
Tears for the day that we die and tears for the day that we are born
In this life you will lose the people you love; you may even lose the things that you have,
But whatever happens, Oh my soul, make sure that you never lose Islam

This dunya is an exam, and its answers are found in the Qu`ran
In the sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad, Alayhi salatu wa salaam
So whoever seeks only from this world, then they will find no reward
Because you always die too young, if you die without having known your Lord

Oh my dear Nafs, may Allah azza wa jal have mercy on your soul
May they bury you a Muslim, remain steadfast till you’re old
One day you will thank me, at the gates of Al firdous
inshaAllah, but until then this means war