Jesus is alive,
Beyond the skies, he’s doing fine
Kicking it with the most high
So I won’t celebrate his birthday, or the day they say he died
Cause I know that’ll be coming back towards the end of time
And if I get the chance to meet him, I will gladly speak my mind
First greet him with Salaam, and ask if everything is fine

Oh Jesus, son of Mary from the family of Imran
It truly is an honour, read about you in the Qu’ran
It says you came to speak and preach about the oneness of Allah
Your miracles were vehicles to call them back to God
You never claimed divinity but healed the ones with leprosy
Gave vision to the blind but yet your people still refused to see
You spoke inside the cradle, and gave life to the deceased
And on a table you and your disciples had a heavenly feast

Oh Jesus son of Mary, tell me how could it really be
They killed your cousin John, he was amongst the salaaheen
And when they came for you, who knew the scene that they would see
Thought they would succeed, but your Lord brought you back to He
How many of their prophets did they kill in history?
Even though they came with signs, most of them would not believe

Oh Jesus son of Mary, can’t they see we follow you
They really are confused, don’t they know you are a Muslim too
For surely you submit like all the sons of Adam do
Every atom is the matter of Allah Subhanau
So we don’t praise you, we praise who you prayed to
And we know that you are free from what they associate with you

Oh Jesus son of Mary, I’m sorry for what you’ve heard
There calling you a God, saying Allah is your father
They say you came to take their sins as long as they believe
With no accountability, the devil has deceived
Claiming superiority they killed from sea to sea
Forcing us to take their books or live in poverty

Oh Jesus son of Mary, these people are not concerned
We call them to the truth, but their too arrogant to learn
They speak about Muhammed words you wish you never heard
Not knowing he’s your brother, both honoured messengers

Oh Jesus son of Mary, they don’t follow you at all
Treat religion like a buffet line picking the things they want
First they changed your lines, than changed their minds, it truly is a shame
Draw you in their cartoons and make blasphemy of your name
They put you on their walls, and claim that you’re the one who saves
But when the trumpet blows away, Jesus, what will they say
When everyone is running mad for you to intercede
But you will remain quiet, in the books they did not read
Oh Jesus, do they really think you care for what they sing
For you are nothing but a slave, so glory to the King

The one who made the sun and moon,
And put the son inside the womb
Was paid a visit by the Ruuh
The Holy Spirit spoke to her
Behind a screen, she nearly screamed,
The scene she’d seen was quite serene
O Mary you will have a son, companion to the righteous ones
With the gospel he will come, a great prophet he will become
But Mary said “how could that be?
How could a virgin still conceive?”
Oh Mary, it’s as God decrees
Allah says Be! And it will be

And so you see, he came to be
One of the greatest, in history
And his story is our story
Jesus, the son of Mary
And I know he did not die for me
He did not die at all you see
He’s coming back, not as a priest
But to kill the one eyed beast
When the sun sets in the east the people will be shook
And Jesus will return as prophesized in holy books
Leading Fajr prayer, his tajweed will be off the hook
And if he recites Surat Maryam, it would be so powerful

Oh people of the book, won’t you return to what is true
Worship not created men, but the one who created you
And when he descends towards the end, Jesus will bring down nothing new
He will follow the law of Muhammed, may peace be upon him too
And peace be onto you, and onto those who follow truth
For the message that they brought is still alive amongst a few
So before you get all angry ask yourself: what would Jesus do
And just because you claim that you love Jesus, it don’t mean that he loves you