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Letter To My Daughter

To my little baby girl Sakinah, I want to tell you so many things
See Baba has lived a long life, and experienced so many things
So I pray that you will learn from my mistakes, and benefit from what I’ve seen
In hopes that you well become much better than everything that I have been

Oh my dear child, know that there is only one God,
And He Subhanahu wa ta’ala is most worthy of all your love
He created everything and has knowledge of all things
So never assign for Him a partner, and be dutiful to Him
And know that when you sin, you must return to Him and remember
By holding onto the rope of your Lord, it will only lead you into Jannah
A place of every pleasure, where you shall remain and stay forever
In the company of the best people scales have ever measured

Oh my dear child, know that Allah has rights upon you and I
Firstly that you establish your salaah, and never let it go until you die
So pray every prayer like it’s your last chance to say good bye
And never be shy to raise your hands and call Him up on speed dial

Oh my baby girl, you are more beautiful than you will ever know
And you don’t need anyone to tell you that because your Lord He made you so
So respect this very gift that Allah He has bestowed
And don’t expose what He enclosed except to those who He has chose

And know that this hijab that you will wear is so much more than just a cloth
It’s a reminder to the world that you are so much more than what they watch
A mind, body and soul not controlled by every little media box
Before every friend and trend, you only have to worry about impressing One God

And then after that your mother is most worthy of all your love,
She carried you for 9 months and cared for you with gentle love
So treat her with mercy and respect even when you think she’s wrong
And I promise we will try our very best to raise you in a loving home

I will tuck you in at night and read you stories till you sleep
Share with you the chronicles of Musa and Bani Isreal
I’ll tell you about the whale who swallowed nabi Yunus whole
And the ant that spoke to Suliman from deep inside the hole

We will learn all about the sahaba, and memorize every single name
I’ll tell you about Bilal ibn Rabah, and show you that our ancestry is the same
We will fall in love with the story of our Prophet, again and again
And we will always cry every single time we get towards the end

I want to be your best friend, I want to be the one on whom you depend
I want you to call me from school and tell me you forgot your homework at home, again
I want to take you on trips, I want you to see the world
I want to hold your hand in front of the kaaba and show you what heaven looks like on earth
I want to teach you to ride a bike, I want to teach you to drive a car
I want to teach you that chasing materialist will never get you very far
Because some people are so poor the only thing they have is money,
I want to teach you to find contentment in Allah and I promise that you will always be happy
Because if the presidents, prime ministers, kings and all the queens
Knew the blessing of Islam, Wahalli they would fight us for this deen
I want to be there for bad dreams; I want to tell you the truth about Halloween
Why we don’t dress up like shayteen, but I’ll still buy you more candy than you can eat

I want to teach you that you reap what you sow,
And that hard work and struggle will only help you to grow
I want to teach you to never back down from a challenge
And that honesty is the only way to go
I want to teach you the Qu’ran, I want to make you love the Qu’ran
I want you to memorize, act upon and see the whole world through the Qu’ran
I want you to understand Allah’s prohibitions and his commands
And to follow the best of all examples, his messenger Alhe salatu wasalaam

And one day, I pray you will find true love, but not just to any man
But that you will marry a man who’s also in love with Al-Islam
So if you want a man like Muhammed, be a women like Khadija
The first supporter of this cause and a mother to believers
Have the courage of Nusaybah, never back down from what is true
Defend what you believe even when the whole world is out for you
Have the knowledge of Ayesha, become a scholar of this deen
Cure the people of misconceptions because Ignorance is a disease
Have the piety of Hafsa, and always keep Allah upon your mind
Fast the days and pray the nights, to help your nafs stay in line
Have the honour of Bilqis, make the world treat you with dignity
When they see you on the streets, let them know that you’re a queen
Have the strength of Sumayya and the sabr of Hajar,
Be steadfast like Maryam, with tawakkul like Musa’s mother
And when things get tough, be like the wife of firuan
Attach your heart to Jannah, and never let it go
Cause sweetie you are to me, like Fatima to our Nabi
May Allah bless you with sakinah, from now until eternity. Ameen

My baby girl, I’ve brought you into a very crazy world
Where the truth can really hurt and falsehood can shine like pearls
This dunya is a paradise for those who have sold their souls
And a prison house for those who uphold this moral code
Baby girl, I promise you that while I’m alive I will strive to make you smile
I will go the extra mile for my child, but realize
That this world is full of trials that you will just have to go through
So when you feel like you have no one but Allah,
Know that Allah is more than enough for you

I always pray for you, so please pray for me too,
Ask Allah to forgive me for my sins, make my grave filled with Noor
But I promise you, in jannah we will continue our little game of pick a boo
Just daddy and his little girl.
P.s. I love you