I’m sorry,
And I know sorry is not enough, but I’m sorry it’s all I have
And I’m sorry I can’t speak on behalf of anyone but the man that I am
I’m sorry for my failures, my inadequacies which unfortunately I do not always see
Because I have this bad habit of speaking before my tongue asks my brain to proceed

So please forgive me; I will make mistakes until the day I cease to breathe
And you will find many more if you make it your mission to seek
So please don’t hold them against me, instead make excuses for me
And if you see something wrong in me, then please advise me privately

I am nowhere near perfect; in fact I am perfectly incomplete
Inconsistence with my purpose, carrying my own worth of bad deeds
I used to be in love with conflicts, ready for anyone to step to me
Had an attitude of ingratitude, a straight rude boy recipe
You could catch me on the corner, posted up being deceived
I wanted to be a bad boy, until I saw bad men deceased

Rest in Peace, to my ego every time I put my head to the floor
In complete humiliation, I seek salvation from the most Forgiving Lord
I’m sorry to my mother, who I sometimes wouldn’t kiss
Days and weeks would pass by and I wouldn’t even remember this gift
Of life she sacrificed, stretch marks and teeth bites
Grey hairs, over the years just to see things aint black and white

But such is life; my father went to war twice
Once back home and the other time to get me out the street life
Stand and Salute, thug life, soldiers in a never ending fight
Costing casualties of coloured boys like toys chasing this worldly life

Now I’m sorry to see mothers in the masjid begging the Imam to intercede
Her baby has become a monster, treating her like a slave
Please brother talk to my son, but sister I don’t know what to say
To a man who doesn’t respect his own mother; these are signs of the final day,

What a shame, I’m sorry to say, most of our youth have no reasons to complain
Because while their dying for the latest styles, some people are dying for another day
But we could have been they, and they could have been in our place
Can’t you see Allah is testing everyone, from the scales we can’t escape

So why is it that we are too scared to give for His sake?
It’s like we don’t believe in the promise of Allah, even though He gives and He takes
We collect interest for dunya homes like we have no interest in Jannah’s gates
And we can debate until were blue in the face but just look at this ummah’s state

I’m sorry, to my sisters in Burma, we were unable to come to your aid,
They told us you were tied up and gang raped but we were too busy watching commercial breaks
Reality TV has got nothing on the reality that they see
Palestinian children throwing full grown rocks in 3D

I’m sorry that we are weak, unable able to even speak
And I’m truly sorry about what happen on 9/11 but it had absolutely nothing to do with me,
That Islam you see on TV does not represent me
I’m too busy waging jihad against myself; my own nafs are my enemy,

I’m sorry that Muslims and Muslim lands do not represent Islam,
This religion is perfect, but we on the other hand…
I’m sorry for pointing fingers, I forgot the rest were pointing back at me
I’m sorry that I look for the same faults in you, the same way I told you to not look for in me

I’m sorry to anybody who has ever looked for inspiration through me
I’m a sinner and a fraud; only Allah knows about my deeds
If sins had an odour I doubt any of you would come next to me?
On the contrary you would flee, so please forgive me

My bad, I know some of you don’t agree with how I move
Maybe this poetry thing ain’t for you, and if it’s not hey that’s cool
Just don’t speak ill of me whilst I’m not in the room
Because I don’t mind taking your good deeds if they don’t mean that much to you

I promise you it’s the truth, so please forgive me in advance
Ya Allah I know I have wronged myself but please give me another chance
And for anyone I have abused grant them ease to all their sorrows
Because if we can’t even forgive each other today, how can we expect to be forgiven tomorrow?

You know sometimes I wonder, about Joseph and his brothers
The amount of pain they put him through, all the years he had to suffer
But look at this man, Yusuf Alahi Salam,
What did he say when their places had changed, “No blame on you this day”

SubhanAllah, could any of us ever do the same
Forgiving is not forgetting, it’s just letting go of the pain
We hold grudges like guns, always quick to aim
And blame everybody else, but what difference does it make

Because nothing will change until we decide to change
The condition of ourselves, regardless of who’s to blame
So forgive me if I’m late, but let me be the first to say
I’m sorry, and may Allah forgive us all for our shortcoming and our mistakes. Ameen