I was tricked by the devil
I really thought I could win, before he started his wis-was-whispering
These sins are thanks to him,
Before I could begin, He stabbed me in the side, I was barely alive,
About 3 seconds in,
The doctor pulled me outside, and to my surprise he was already there
I kind of thought it wasn’t fair,
A thousand friends and not a friend to spare,
But a true enemy will meet you everywhere;
I lived a life of fear
I knew he was out to get me, but I was never quite sure when and where
In high-school it was clear,
You could never be alone with a girl because he was always there
A 3rd party to every party of naughty Kens and ditzy Barbies’
Hardly ever needed a reason to visit me on weekends
I feel like I could almost see him
It feels like he is running through my veins,
Like my yawning entertains
My life has never been the same
Since I uncovered this conspiracy to keep me away from Heavens gates
I almost thought it was too late
I thought it was the bottom of the 9th,
Until I heard a statement that Allah loves those who repent
These words were heaven sent,
Even for a sinner like me,
Is it possible that I could be free?
When even my father got deceived
It’s hard to believe, the devil just suggested they should eat from the tree
Are we really that naive, to deny his jealousy
He is an open enemy, removed from the heavenly, so don’t just blame Eve
For arrogance was his felony, technically we should take credit see
Because we are the vey cause of his false notion of supremacy

So now he waits for night fall to befall upon us all
Before he makes the call for his helpers to sprawl
Offering good times in dark alley ways and bars
On big screens he can be seen around movie stars
Throwing up the devil sign as rock stars smash guitars
Patience is from Allah and hastiness is from Shaytan
In the mirror telling women who is the fairest of them all
The devil is in the details of your 50, 000 dollar car
His interest rests in the things that we obsess
And when you stand to pray, he will place doubts in your head,
He will help take a perfectly good deed and make it all for show
You can have everything you need but he`ll still make you want more

He will take a husband from his wife, a drug addict from his life
He will tell you that you da man, and you’ll really think he is right
He will make the righteous fight despite their insight
He is the reason why you can’t get up to pray at night

He ties his 3 knots tight, and too his delight
He will gladly make a deal with you for the right price

In Ramadan he is gone, but we still sing all his songs
Bad dreams are from him and he eats with his left hand
You can see him from a far, getting chased by a shooting star
He loves procrastination and laziness; the friend of an atheist
He is the DJ at the party telling everyone to drop it low
He is the boyfriend promising you that nobody will ever know
He is that guy on youtube writing all those stupid comments about our deen
He is the reason that masjid board member never wants to leave
He will promise you the world but he doesn’t own a seed
He will whisper in your ear things you he wants you to believe
Come on sister loosen up that hijab, let your hair catch a breeze
And don’t be extreme; those jeans will make you every man’s dream
Brother you are so pious, you should be the one to lead
Everybody is deviant, but you’re going to Jannah guaranteed
He promises you poverty in exchange for charity
He runs the biggest baddest gang of evil jinn and shayteen
Autubillah Minash Shaytaanir Rajeem (spit)
The one who is far from As-Sirat Al-Mustaqim

So I’m sorry Mr. Devil but I don’t want to play on your team
So please keep me out your plans and all your evil wicked schemes
Don’t invite me to your parties or call me to disbelief
I won’t speak ill about my brothers cause I know you love it when we beef

I was tricked by the devil, took hold of me when I was weak
Now he’s trying to be my homie, calling me with his deceit
And your facebook requests I won’t accept, I confess
One of the greatest tricks he ever played was to make the world think he didn’t exist

But the fact is he doesn’t sleep, or take sick days or leaves
So seek refuge in Allah from the accursed one Iblis
And if he asks for a ride than you better say never
Because a ride with the devil might last you forever