What if I told you there were soldiers outside who despised who you and I,
Ready to take us dead or alive, with guns pointed at your pride,
And you had the option to just lie and denounce what you hold inside,
Would you go run and hide, or would you get ready to die,
See the problem with you and I, is we would say anything to stay alive
Multiplied by the drive that we have to survive
Most would rather compromise, than be chastised
So we don’t even try, but I dare to ask why
Homeland security, is only trying to secure me
In these tiny little rooms, where I could barely breathe
Maybe it’s the way that I’m dressed in the land of the free
No khamis, I should have just wore jeans and a T
And I know it’s hard to believe, but I aint a refugee,
Actually, I was born in a hospital right down the street
So tell me what’s the beef; is it the beard or attire?
Or is it my last name; you could just call me Michael
Are you comfortable, am I moderate enough for your liking
I don’t wanna any trouble, I’ll be good, man I promise
I’m honest, only liars need to preach to a choir
Holding onto this deen is like holding onto fire,
But I still smile, aint sure if this is still worth your while
You say you wanna believe than you will be put on trial
Tested, but blessed are those who remain steadfast and pray
Because what are we but slaves, just looking for a raise
Anyways, everyday’s another chance at being saved
Cause even a broken clock is right two times a day
But I’d be lying if I didn’t say,
We look like lions without manes
Trying to impress these creatures who just came from mud and clay
Why don’t you beautify your grave, Iqra, proclaim
Who will testify for you when your Lord calls your name?
Work for your spot in the shade on the day when their will only be his shade
The things you love today, they will all fade away
Remember the story of the cave, even though they were afraid
The youth knew the truth so they still remained brave
The same goes today, cause even rain goes away
And after the clouds the sun comes out to play
So expect brighter days, and declare all praise
To the one with no son, in need of no aid
Isn’t it strange how the strangers are starting to feel strange?
I guess sometimes Guantanamo bay is just the price you gotta pay,
Allah does not place a burden on a soul more than it can handle
And the bruises from sujood will light your way just like a candle
And we follow the example of the best of examples
I don’t stand for flags and or bow to your bourgeois
I pledge allegiance to La elhalla il allah
Say it now, Say it loud, be proud of your Muslim names
Uthman, Umar, Ali, Khadija, Aisha, Summayah
If only you knew the sacrifice these people made
So tell airport security, I’m sorry if we all look the same
But there’s a reason why Muhammed is the world’s most popular name
And you can call us funny names, and draw cartoons in his name
But there will come a day when your Lord will decide who goes and who stays
So go ahead and tease, after hardship comes ease,
And gardens with rivers that flow underneath
This poem is for every hijabie who got made fun of in school
Or the brothers too scared to rock a beard, cause facial hair isn’t cool
If Allah didn’t love you, then he wouldn’t test you
So prepare for victory, coming to a soul near you